How to Advertise on Amazon

If you are following my Amazon FBA journey, you may know that my products already have been delivered to Amazon warehouse and ready to be sold. But there is one problem. How Amazon users or let say my potential customers will find my product? It is a very competitive area and there are thousand of similar products that are being sold. How am i going to compete with them? It seems to me very clear that i need to create a brand name. So i need some reviews, feedback, some customer interactions. I can’t get any customer from organic search because my products probably is being listed under page 20 or 50 or something like that.

To summarize, i need some inorganic traffic. The best way is via Amazon Campaigns.

I decided to spend some money on advertising.

So let me show you how to create a campaign on Amazon.

In the meantime, I want to add, when compared with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, Amazon’s ad management tool is incredibly easy, convenient, simple and user-friendly. In just a few clicks, you can create your ad instantly.

How to Create a Campaign on Amazon

First you need to login to your seller account. Then you will see a menu called “Advertising“. Click on it and then click “Campaign Manager“.

Click on “Create campaign” button.

Next step is to choose a campaign type. There are 2 types of campaign on Amazon.

  1. Sponsored Products
  2. Sponsored Brands

I am going to use first one, Sponsored Products.

If you choose sponsored products, it means Amazon will display your product on top 0f the search pages based on the keyword.

Choose “Sponsored Products” and click “Continue“.

As i said before, it is extremely easy to create ads on Amazon. Below you can see that there are only few fields you need to fill in.

Campaign name: Give a sensible name to your campaign.

Start: Start date of your campaign.

End: End date of your campaign.

Daily budget: How much you want to spend each day. Let say you have budgeted ads 3000$ for your products every month. This means 3000$/30 = 100$ daily budget.

Targeting: You have 2 options for targeting.

  • Automatic targeting: If you choose this one, Amazon will do the job and it will show your products to the keywords that you put for your listing.
  • Manual targeting: Choose this one if you would like to target some specific keywords.

Once you filled in all necessary information, then IT IS DONE! It is super easy.

So here is my ad plan:

Daily budget: 5$ (don’t laugh, i am beginner and i just want to see how it works. So i will set my maximum daily budget 5$.)

How long?: 3 days.

I just set it like that and i want to observe little bit. I will keep you updated with the results in my progress blog posts. So don’t forget to follow up from there.

UPDATE – 15.01.2019

Ok. I have very useful information for you. If you remember, i stated before that someone from India sent me email and asking me to help me optimize my Amazon ads. This person works for Amazon. So she called me today and she gave me a lot of free information directly coming from Amazon regarding ad optimization. Here is the list of her suggestion to make my ad working much better.

  • 1st suggestion: First of all she said my daily budget is too high. It was $20 but Amazon was not using that much. She told me to lower it to around $10. So i changed my daily budget from $20 to $10. This was the first suggestion.
  • 2nd suggestion: My ad campaign’s “end date” was set to end of February. She told me it is better to run my ad campaign at least 3 months. She told me this way Amazon will learn and study my keywords. This is an awesome tip! So i set my “end date” April, 2019.
  • 3rd suggestion: She told me to keep my ad campaign targeting “automatic” instead of “manual”. Actually my targeting is already set to “automatic” so i am good. She said the reason to keep it “automatic” is let Amazon learn your keywords as i am running my ad campaign for the first time.
  • 4th suggestion: Change my “Campaign bidding strategy” to “Dynamic bids – up and down“. My current strategy was set to “Dynamic bids – down only“. She suggested me to change it to Dynamic bids – up and down. With this strategy Amazon will raise my bids (by a maximum of 100%) in real time when my ad may be more likely to convert to a sale, and lower my bids when less likely to convert to a sale.
  • 5th suggestion: She asked me to wait up to weeks so that i can change my bid adjustment. There are 3 placement type; top of search, product pages and rest of search. If i wait little bit longer i can see which placement is working good for me so that i can increase my bids for that placement.
  • 6th suggestion: I find this one the most interesting. I have to wait for a while so my reports are generated with more data. In this report i can see customer search words and on which keyword they are buying my product. So i can use those keywords later on when i decide to create manual targeting ads.

Awesome tips! Hope you also find it useful.

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