My First Order!!! Thank you 2019!!!

I am very excited. I just woke up an email from Amazon today.

Thank you my first customer from Florida! You rock!

So i immediately login to my seller account and found out that actually i have 2 orders! 1 already paid, the other one pending payment.

2 orders in 24 hours!

What is more interesting is that these people did not find my products via Amazon ads. I have no idea how they find it but again whoever you are, thank you!

Yay! 2019 started to rock already!

Now i have to think how i can grow my business.

More update will come soon!

3 thoughts on “My First Order!!! Thank you 2019!!!”

  1. Congratulations on your sales! I’m happy that you had your first sales and hope this experiment goes well – it’s been really interesting to follow what you have been doing.

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