How to Start Amazon FBA – My FBA Experiment 2018 – Updated Regularly – 2


  • 30 September 2018: Hi again! I am in touch with Ben for a week. He showed me really a good quality product. Honestly, this product is way much better. This time it is not a woman purse, it is a woman bag! I decided to go with it. This is more costly than the previous one. It will cost me 8.8$ per item. I will order 200 pieces. So total cost will 1760$. Ben told me that if i go with DDP, there are two options;
    • Sea shipping. This will cost me 650$ and it will take 1 month to my products to arrive US.
    • Air shipping. This will cost me 1200$ and it will take 1 week to my products to arrive US.


  • 1 October 2018: Since i am beginner and i am learning how to start Amazon FBA, i thought i should keep my costs at minimum. So i decided to go with sea shipping. It will take 1 month to arrive Amazon warehouse but it is ok. I can wait. So let me summarize the deal. 8.8$ per item. Total of 200 pieces. They will put my logo on it and boxes and polly bags included in the price. I asked Ben to take some professional pictures of the items. He said ok. It will be also included in the price. I am thinking to sell my product 39$on Amazon. There is an Amazon FBA calculator. You can calculate your net margin with this tool. So if i sell my product at 39$, my net profit is 7.64$ and my net margin is %19.59.
Amazon FBA Calculator
Amazon FBA Calculator
  • 02 October 2018: So i made the payment on Alibaba. Total of 1760$. They will start mass production tomorrow. Total of 200 items. 100 blue, 100 orange color. I will produce labels with UPC codes and send them to Ben to put on each item.
  • 24 October 2018: Ben told me that mass production would finish this week. It has been 22 days since the payment. I hope they complete it this week. Ben is asking for the barcodes. I still didn’t have a chance to look at it.
My communication with Chinese seller, Ben.
My communication with Chinese seller, Ben.
  • 25 October 2018: I still not able to produce labels because i have an issue. When creating a listing on Amazon there are two options; you can create a completely new listing or you can use an existing listing. I am not sure which one i should choose. Amazon policy says that i shouldn’t create a new listing if my product is already being sold on Amazon. I should just choose the existing listing. Ok. This makes sense but my product have its own UPC code, its own logo and i also search my product on Amazon, no one is selling it. There is only one seller is selling very similar to mine, but not %100 same. Different color, different shape. So what should i do? I don’t want to do something wrong and upset Amazon and get my account suspended. I want to play the game with the rules. So better i get in touch with Amazon Seller support team. I sent them an email. Let see what they would say.
  • 26 October 2018: So ok i got a reply from Amazon support. Seems like they recommended me to go and create a new listing since i have my own UPC code, my own logo and different product.
  • 27 October 2018: I am still creating my product listing page. Per my research, this part is important so it is taking longer than i expected. There are some strict Amazon rules when it comes to create a listing. So i should carefully read those policies and not violate any thing.
  • 28 October 2018: Finally, i created my product listing on Amazon and added my products. I generated barcode labels and sent them to Ben. He was asking me for it almost a week!
  • 31 October 2018: Ben just sent me a message telling me that mass production is completed and all products are ready now : ). Awesome! He sent me couple of pictures, i loved it! It really looks good! Hope i can sell it! And my logo is on it! Nothing feels better than this. I created a product and put my logo on it! This is a great feeling. I highly recommend you to taste this feeling. I am drinking my coffee at my home and i created a product with my own logo on it in China which is ready to be sent to US! (Note that it took 29 days to produce 200 item)
  • 31 October 2018: I asked Ben to take at least 10 picture for each product. I asked him to use white background and make it look really professional. If i am satisfied with the quality of the pictures, i am going to use them. Otherwise i will ask Ben to find a professional photographer for it. Because this part is very important.


  • 01 November 2018: Ben sent me the product pictures. They look great! Very professional! I don’t need to hire professional photographer. They are all 1000dpi and met Amazon image requirements.
  • 03 November 2018: Now. Let me give you some information about the latest situation. Products are ready. Labelled and were put in a carton. They are waiting to be shipped to USA. I have to produce and send labels for the boxes as well, but I haven’t yet. Ben prepared 6 boxes for each color. There are 17 item in each box, except the last box. 6th box have 15 item. So total 100 item in 6 boxes. This is for one color. Together with other color, total is 12 boxes.In the meantime, I had a problem with listing the product. Other vendors are selling similar product of mine in a certain category and that category seems to be killing. I would like to sell my product in that category as well. So when i listed my product i have chosen that category. But yesterday I saw my product listed in an unrelated category that is very different from the one that I chose. I did some research. I’ve seen similar complaints on forums. I found out more about this, even if you have chosen a category by yourself while listing the product, Amazon’s bots can change these categories.Anyway, I’m annoyed that Amazon put my product in a different category than the one i wanted. I sent another email to Amazon support team and asked them the reason they put my product in a different category.
  • 04 November 2018: Amazon support team replied back to me telling that i need somehow prove them that my product is indeed in that category. So they want a proof. Something like a product website. Ok but the problem is this product don’t have any website. It is a new product, it is my product with my own logo on it. So better i create a website for it. That is what i did. Created a website and put that product information on that website with that category and i sent Amazon the link of the page. After a couple of hours, i received another reply from Amazon. My request was accepted and they change my product’s category as i wanted. So all is good now.
  • 04 November 2018: I finally generated labels for the boxes and sent them to Ben. He put the labels on the boxes. They are now ready to be shipped to USA.
  • 04 November 2018: Meanwhile i am preparing the product page. I uploaded images. All look good. I have optimized the product title. Now i need to come up with a 5 bulleted list and description for my product. I decided to hire someone to do this. Just created a job posting on Freelancer. I need to find someone professional to write my product description and bulleted list. My budget for this is 20$. Around 20 people applied for the job. I chose one of them and send her the requirements and ask her to write a description for my product. She said she will complete it in 2 days.
  • 05 November 2018: And this “that moment”. My products are labelled, packed and were put in boxes. They will ship them in 2 days.
My products are ready to go.
My products are ready to go.
  • By the way, i received email from Freelancer that the person already completed the job. Just checked it and it looks good to go.
My freelancer have completed the product description and bulleted list.
My freelancer have completed the product description and bulleted list.
  • 14 November 2018: Ben just informed that he already shipped the goods. It will take 1 month to arrive USA. Once it arrive in USA, UPS will take it from port to Amazon warehouse. I will use this 1 month period to do some research about marketing.
My products will arrive USA in one month.
My products will arrive USA in one month.
  • 23 November 2018: My products are still on the way. Somewhere in the ocean, i guess. If everything goes well, they supposed to be delivered around 14-15 December.

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