How to Start Amazon FBA – My FBA Experiment 2018 – Updated Regularly – 3


  • 02 December 2018: As this post have been posted on Hacker News, i am receiving a very heavy traffic and e-mails on my website. My website crashed during the day couple of times. Because i built this website on cheapest plan (10$ a month) at DigitalOcean. However i figured out how to solve crash problem without upgrading my plan. I just simply created a cron job which restart my server automatically every 2 hours. So it is fine now. Thank you for the huge support and e-mails by the way! Some of them really is very not-encouraging and demotivating me telling me how i am going to fail but most them are supportive. Thank you!
  • 03 December 2018: Yesterday i received some comments regarding DDP cost. Some said to me that customs fee in USA port is not included with the shipping cost (650$) that i paid earlier. I sent Ben a whatsapp message today and asked him to confirm that there will be no additional cost when my products arrived in USA. He said no. There will be no additional cost. So i am totally relying on him. I somehow trust Ben. Ben is great.
Ben is great. He is providing me customer support 7/24 on Whatsapp.
Ben is great. He is providing me customer support 7/24 on Whatsapp.
  • 09 December 2018: BIG UPDATE! My products arrived to USA! Yess. So i was checking my shipment status on UPS almost everyday. Today when i checked it… It says.. IN TRANSIT! Apparently it arrived to US port 2 days ago. Now It is on its way to Amazon warehouse!
I am so excited! My products are now in USA! Getting ready for US market!
  • 12 December 2018: I am still waiting my products to arrive Amazon warehouse. Still in transit and it is scheduled to be delivered on this Friday. While waiting, i found out something new. Actually you don’t need to track your shipment on UPS. If you enter your shipment tracking number in Amazon Seller Central, you can track it on Amazon. Below you can see some screenshots from my seller account. Once you enter your tracking number, then every movement ,information is available there. Cool!

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