How to Start Amazon FBA – My FBA Experiment 2019 – Updated Regularly – 5

  • 12.01.2019: Soo.. 2019 started amazing for me. I have my first order as of today. Yay!!!
First sales..
First sales..
  • 12.01.2019: Wow. So i was checking my transactions and find out that FBA Inventory Storage Fee for December is $70.32! Wtf Amazon? Why storage fee is too high? I need tı find out why. Just wrote an email to support team, hope there is some mistakes on storage fee calculation. Otherwise it is too fricking high!
  • 12.01.2019: By the way, did i tell you that one of my box is missing from Amazon warehouse? It is true. 1 box contains total of 17 product but they are missing. Amazon says it never arrived to their warehouse and my Chinese friend Ben says that he sent all boxes. I wonder what happened to one of my box.
  • 12.01.2019: Few days back, Amazon sent me an email asking me whether or not i need help regarding my Amazon ads performance. I told them that yes indeed i need help on that. Today someone from India contacted me saying he would like to have a 30 minute call to discuss my ads performance. I said ok. Let see what he is going to tell..So.. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. My source man, Ben, lives in China. This ad calling guy lives in India. My customers are in US. What a diversity!
  • 14.01.2019: I decided to add 1 more different product in my product portfolio. So i had a quick search on Alibaba. Then i came across exact same product that i am selling now on Amazon. And the price for this product was only 3$! I got angry with my Chinese supplier Ben, because he sold me same product for 8$!

  • Ben assured me that he did not betray me and he did not over sold it to me. He said “they won’t quote $3 to you, it’s just for attracting. So i sent a message to that company on Alibaba asking for quote. Apparently Ben was right. She gave $5.5 for 500 pieces. If i order 200 most probably i will be around $8. So Ben was right. Lesson learnt: If you see very low prices for some products on Alibaba.. It doesn’t necessarily mean that is the real price. As Ben stated clearly, it is just for attracting. I guess, i am attracted to the low price.

  • 15.01.2019: Ok. I have very useful information for you. If you remember, i stated before that someone from India sent me email and asking me to help me optimize my Amazon ads. This person works for Amazon. So she called me today and she gave me a lot of free information directly coming from Amazon regarding ad optimization. Here is the list of her suggestion to make my ad working much better.
    • 1st suggestion: First of all she said my daily budget is too high. It was $20 but Amazon was not using that much. She told me to lower it to around $10. So i changed my daily budget from $20 to $10. This was the first suggestion.
    • 2nd suggestion: My ad campaign’s “end date” was set to end of February. She told me it is better to run my ad campaign at least 3 months. She told me this way Amazon will learn and study my keywords. This is an awesome tip! So i set my “end date” April, 2019.
    • 3rd suggestion: She told me to keep my ad campaign targeting “automatic” instead of “manual”. Actually my targeting is already set to “automatic” so i am good. She said the reason to keep it “automatic” is let Amazon learn your keywords as i am running my ad campaign for the first time.
    • 4th suggestion: Change my “Campaign bidding strategy” to “Dynamic bids – up and down“. My current strategy was set to “Dynamic bids – down only“. She suggested me to change it to Dynamic bids – up and down. With this strategy Amazon will raise my bids (by a maximum of 100%) in real time when my ad may be more likely to convert to a sale, and lower my bids when less likely to convert to a sale.
    • 5th suggestion: She asked me to wait up to weeks so that i can change my bid adjustment. There are 3 placement type; top of search, product pages and rest of search. If i wait little bit longer i can see which placement is working good for me so that i can increase my bids for that placement.
    • 6th suggestion: I find this one the most interesting. I have to wait for a while so my reports are generated with more data. In this report i can see customer search words and on which keyword they are buying my product. So i can use those keywords later on when i decide to create manual targeting ads. Awesome tips! Hope you also find it useful.
  • 17.01.2019: Today i was checking one of my competitor’s product feedbacks. This person is selling very similar bag like me. While I was reading their feedback, i felt some kind of enlightenment. Feels like God come down from heaven and touch my brain and then my brain started to work. I call it “magic touch”. So you might wonder what was the enlightenment. Here is what i am thinking; if i read all “negative feedbacks” that my competitor product get, it can give me a hint! Those negative feedbacks actually are very valuable hints from customers. They like the product but they want something more. So if i give them that extra thing, they would prefer my product! Introduction to Free Market 101! For example, please look at below feedback from customer;

  • She basically says that she loved the bag but the shoulder strap hurts her shoulder after a while of wearing it. This is an awesome tip to further improve the product. So basically if i get in touch with my vendor, Ben, and ask him to add some kind of thing to the strap to make it not hurt shoulder, then this customer will choose me. I asked Ben if he can make it strap not hurt for the next batch of the product, he said “oh, yess“. (that’s what he said)

  • So basically by doing this, i am adding something valuable to my product and i am improving it. I will read more those kind of feedback to see what customers want.

  • 25.01.2019: Today just had another sale! Yay! This really making me very happy when i woke up and see there is an order! I am loving it! However i am not still performing well against my target. My target is to sell at least 500 unit in a month. So far i only sold 3 units! Very sad!

  • 25.01.2019: As you remember, my storage fee was very high and i raised a ticket to Amazon support team and they sent me 1 whole page explanation of how storage fees work and i understand nothing. Even more confused now. Amazon support team! If you are reading this post, this is my reaction to your last long e-mail;

  • 05.02.2019: I tell you what i am thinking these days. I am thinking to run a website outside of Amazon platform to attract traffic from google to my Amazon product page. At the moment the only way to get traffic for me is through non-organic way which means Amazon ads. But i need organic traffic. I can not get organic traffic on Amazon because my product category is so competitive and my product page displayed on 150th page of Amazon search results. Until i get more sales and feedback Amazon will not display my product on the first search page. So i need to get some sales from Google search. What i am thinking is to create a website up to 5 page and focus exactly the keyword of my product. I can set up a Digital Ocean droplet for 5$. So this will cost me 5$ in a month. If i can get some google search users to find my Amazon page then i can convert them to sales. Let see!
  • 17.02.2019: My beautiful wife is diagnosed pneumonia. I will take care of her until she is fine. She is my everything. I can’t imagine my life without her. Will delay updates. Sorry for that.

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  1. Why you not use Givaway websites and give few coupons (5-10) on 80-90% OFF of that product you sell. You will get sales and reviews which will improve your rankings…Am following you from begining.

      • Sorry I mean coupon websites. I think will be much cheaper way to get out from current ambis. Btw you have my email, fell free to e-mail me. i’m happy to help you, of course for free 🙂

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